We’re proud to say that Worx was chosen as the union printer for official Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) and East (WGAE) strike merchandise, including t-shirts and baseball caps.

Now writers on the WGA strike picket lines can get their WGA-branded swag to show solidarity with writers on strike to reach a fair contract. Worx prints the merch and sends it directly to the individuals, and handles all of the back end of the store for the union.

So it’s no hassle for the union, and easy for the writers who want merch.

Support the Entertainment Community Fund/WGA Workers on Strike with Cool Custom Merch

Black custom logo t-shirt supporting Entertainment Community Fund and striking Writers Guild members.

In addition to the strike swag in the official WGA online store, Worx also set up an on-demand printing store with a totally cool logo t-shirt with sales benefitting the Entertainment Community Fund.

Formerly called “The Actors Fund,” this fund has been around since 1882, and was established as a national human services organization for the needs of the entertainment community nation-wide. The fund gives emergency financial assistance to individuals in entertainment, regardless of their profession within the industry or union affiliation.

Anyone can buy this bold promotional t-shirt, so please share the link to the Community Fund’s online merch store!  We hope they’ll sell lots of tee’s to help striking Writers Guild members while they fight for better compensation and job security.

Check Out the Swagger of this Swag Honoring Lindsay Dougherty

Worx also had the distinct pleasure of launching yet another ecommerce store for merch supporting the writers on strike. This one has swag with major swagger: it features custom art work honoring Lindsay Dougherty, Vice President – Western Region of the Teamsters.  She is a second-generation Teamster from Detroit, and launched her career in the film industry. She’s spent over a decade fighting on behalf of the rank-and-file members of Local 399 in Los Angeles.

Teamsters leader Lindsay Dougherty as featured in Vanity Fair

Teamsters leader Lindsay Dougherty as featured in Vanity Fair

Red trucker hat with custom artwork honoring Lindsay Dougherty of the Teamsters Union

She is such a strong believer in the Teamsters Union and its values that she has a tattoo of Jimmy Hoffa on her left bicep muscle! Dougherty has been quoted saying, “Hoffa was larger than life. He was willing to take a beating for his members. We lost sight of that. We lost sight of our mission. But I’m stepping on dicks every day fighting for my members.”

Now Worx has launched a store with T-shirts and baseball caps designed by TV comedy and dramedy writer Dana Braziel-Solovy, imagining Dougherty as Rosie the Riveter and featuring Doherty’s quote: “I’m stepping on dicks.”  The store was even mentioned in a recent Vanity Fair article about Doherty and the writers’ strike.

Braziel-Solovy’s bio includes this gem, which definitely deserves some promotional swag of its own: “By creating feminist comedy and dramedy television shows, she fights the patriarchy with nothing but her computer keyboard. She calls it, ‘QWERTY Hurty.’ ”

THAT’s great writing, and we hope you’ll support it by buying this unique merch!