FAQs for Online Swag Shops

  • Create up to 3 Types of Branded Swag.
  • Get a Shop on our Website.
  • We Send Your Swag RIGHT to Your Supporters.

1. Who can create an Online Swag Shop?

Any organization can request an Online Swag Shop from Worx Printing. (However, to receive profits from the shop, payouts must be sent to a 501(c)3 or an organization that can accept corporate donations.)

2. What branded swag can I create?

You can select up to 3 types of custom branded swag for your organization from our catalog, from T-shirts and caps to mugs and even baby onesies!

3. Do all three items need to have the same artwork? 

No, we can do separate artwork.

On art:  We need layered vector artwork whenever possible to properly pre-press.  A majority of the time these files are produced in the Adobe Creative suite in either .AI (adobe illustrator) or .PSD (adobe photoshop).  They are sometimes created in CorelDraw (.CDR) or increasingly in Canva. If they were created in Adobe or Corel we would like those files emailed.  If they were created in Canva, we would like them shared from within Canva with our email address canva@worxprinting.coop.

4. How can I use the shop to raise money?

You can use the profit from the shop however you see fit, as long as you are a 501(c)3 or an organization that can accept corporate donations.

5. Who handles the day to day operation of the shop?

Worx does the work! We handle 100% of the shop’s operation, from order management and production, to fulfillment and customer service.

6. How much does it cost to launch a shop?

It’s just $180 to set up a Swag Shop with 3 items. There are no other ongoing fees!

7. How do I send people to my organization’s shop?

We will provide you with a URL for your shop (i.e. “shop.worxprinting.coop/YourStoreName”), and you can distribute this information to your supporters.

Your Online Swag Shop can feature 3 types of swag from our catalog.

Your new Online Swag Shop will be very low risk, zero hassle!

8. Can I use the shop for donor incentives?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

9. How many people can buy my swag? Is there a limit?

There is no limit to how many supporters can buy your swag.

10. Is there a minimum requirement to set up a shop?

There is no minimum number of orders needed. As long as you are a 501(c)3, you can set up a shop.

11. Can you deliver my swag anywhere? Even outside the USA?


12. Will shop visitors be able to choose sizes for items like T-Shirts?


13. Do prices include shipping?

No, shipping is not included in the pricing.

14. How long will it take for people to receive their swag?

We typically print and ship orders within one week of when they are placed.

15. Would it ever be an option to have more than three products available?   Can we rotate which items are available periodically? 

We started this offering never imagining it would have so much interest from so many incredible orgs.  The only way we can do it is if we set up products that sell around 50 units of each item minimum.  We went into it knowing that a lot of orgs can and a lot can’t move those numbers. Every time an org that hits that number has asked, we have added another item.  We are working on a paid offer to add new products and expect to have it rolling soon.

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