Merch Solutions for Union Organizers

Create and distribute branded merch with ease. Build solidarity and grow awareness.

A Union Shop Supporting the Labor Movement

We want to see your organizing efforts succeed, as they did for Starbucks Workers United! Worx is the proud printer of the Starbucks union’s branded merch.

Starbucks Workers United union victory celebration with workers wearing branded merch printed by Worx Printing

Worx Printing is a union shop whose founders have a three-decade-long history in the forefront of the labor movement. Organized as a co-op, Worx is mission-driven to serve people and organizations striving towards a better, more equitable future for workers.

Unions We Serve

In addition to outfitting Starbucks Workers United, we’ve helped brand and outfit some modern, high-profile strikes like SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild using our small online stores, which we affectionately call “Swag Shops.” We’ve also outfitted the growing labor movement recently with merch for Amazon Labor Union, Scoopers United (Ben & Jerry’s) and Alphabet (Google Workers Union).

Get Merch for Organizing

As a union organizer, our swag shops can be used as a super effective merch distribution tool. We can help you get branded t-shirts, hats, totes, stickers, and other promotions to your individual supporters at low/no financial risk to your organizing budget. All you have to do is send people a link and they can get their organizing merch, without you needing to go back through any budgeting bureaucracy. Get your people outfitted with branded t-shirts and more, fast!

Launch an Online Web Store for Organizing Merch

Swag Shops give you the ability to offer up to 3 types of branded merch online to your supporters. For example, Scoopers United chose t-shirts, hats and mugs.

Get merch for organizing campaigns like rallies, increase visibility around your organizing efforts, and help display more solidarity across your organization.

Setting up a Swag Shop with Worx Printing is inexpensive. However, if your campaign is underfunded, we’ll waive the $180 setup fee for you in solidarity. And if you’re in that tight situation, let’s also talk about fundraising possibilities using custom branded merch.


Start an Organizing Swag Shop

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    We Print With Good Company

    When you print with worx you’re supporting a rich history of workers’ rights and revolution.