Union Co-op Sublimation

Sublimation (or dye-sublimation process) is a simple but effective process to permanently apply an image into (not onto) the surface of ceramics (and a range of other items). Through a combination of ink, pressure and high heat, your image evaporates into a gas that adheres permanently into the coating of the product it is adhered to.

Worx makes lots of products this way. Mugs have become a staple of our on-demand stores and a favorite for donor gifts and key member recognition gifts.


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Unparalleled possibilities using the most advanced digital printing technology on the planet. From screen-printing to sparkles, we’ve got it all.

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If you need big numbers fast for a meeting, a march, or your band’s album release party – and anything in between – Worx can make that happen.

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Union Labels

Our cooperative is proud to be the exclusive supplier of union labels for UNITE HERE  and Workers United.

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With our partner Fii Marketing, Worx has developed the most comprehensive database of USA and Union Made printed products in the country.