We know smaller nonprofit organizations don’t always have all the resources they want or need. So we thought of a way to put our on-demand printing services and expertise in fulfillment to work for nonprofits, augmenting their resources.

On-Demand Printed Swag Sent Right to Nonprofit Supporters

Branded items available for on-demand swag shops with Worx PrintingWe’ll provide smaller nonprofits with a custom URL right on the Worx Printing website. Worx handles all of the back end operations of the swag shop. Nonprofits can choose up to 3 types of branded swag to offer their supporters.

When people order their merch, Worx provides fulfillment services and ships the goods right to supporters.

πŸ… Your org wins with ZERO financial risk
πŸ… 501(c)3’s reap the profits
πŸ… Make your merch easily available for donor incentives
πŸ… Benefit from the shop’s visibility
Nonprofits just point constituents, donors and allies to the shop, and we do the rest. What could be easier? Check out how to launch an online swag shop!

FAQs About Online Stores for Nonprofits

We understand that launching an on-demand store for your organization may be a new idea for you. Online stores from Worx Printing are a great option since we handle 100% of the operations – so you don’t have to!

We’ve tried to anticipate your questions about how to launch an online swag shop, and answered them here: Online Swag Shop FAQs

See Small Nonprofit Swag Shops Operating on our Site

Sample item from small online shops for nonprofits. Baby onesie with logo saying families belong together.

A onesie from the Families Belong Together shop on our website.

Several nonprofits have already launched small online swag shops with Worx Printing. They’ve chosen items from custom mugs to tote bags and of course branded T-shirts and hoodies.

Check out our first small online shops for nonprofits. You’ll see there’s even one for your favorite union print shop! Go ahead, treat yourself to some Worx swag and you can experience our speedy fulfillment for yourself!