This summer, the New Economy Coalition joined up with us to offer all of its members a free swag shop at as part of their member benefits.

We see this as such a cool way to try to help the entirety of the Social Economy movement express itself, as well as help communicate the work so many great organizations are doing that are part of NEC. This new benefit is meant to encourage member orgs to, “Support our movement, and grow support and awareness for your own organization’s mission by offering  branded promotions online.”


About the New Economy Coalition

The coalition includes over 200 organizations building the solidarity economy in the U.S. They’re dedicated to showing that another world is not only possible — it’s already happening.

What is a solidarity economy ecosystem? It happens when everything a community needs is controlled and governed by the people in that community. This includes everything from housing, schools, and food production to healthcare and transportation. Can you envision a community where all those important needs are led by the people who are currently most marginalized? That’s what NEC is trying to bring to fruition.

NEC started out as a think tank in 2012, fueled by the economic problems of the Great Recession and the level of interest it created in solidarity economy ideas.

Poster from Creative Wildfire, a manifesto and cultural organizing collaboration between Climate Justice Alliance, Movement Generation, & New Economy Coalition.

Worx is the proud union printer of NEC’s way cool custom merch, like this beautiful poster. We encourage you to visit their online merch store, home of other beautiful works as well!