Updated 4/7/2023

Worx is honored to be featured in a new book produced by two people we greatly admire. Actually, we more than admire them: we consider them to be heroes of the workers rights movement. Michael A. Peck and Christina Clamp have come out with “Humanity@Work&Life: Global Diffusion of the Mondragon Cooperative Ecosystem Experience”, a book meant to inspire and support people interested in developing worker cooperatives, exploring virtuous cycles and “Solidarity Dividend” alternatives to shareholder primacy capitalism practices.

Worx Featured as Worker Owned Union Co-op

There’s a chapter featuring Worx as a case study example of a worker owned union co-op in the chapter, “Toward Workplace Control: Collaboration Between Labor Unions & Worker Co-ops.” That chapter was written by Mary Hoyer from the University of Massachusetts and Rebecca Lurie of the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies.

There are 35 contributors in all who helped bring about this first edition of “Humanity@Work&Life.”  All proceeds (minus costs) will be directed to aligned social economy mission activists. They will be identified on a rolling “one contributor, one vote” basis as proceeds permit.

The authors chose to publish in e-book format for ecological reasons, as well as to enable future chapters to be added in the future. They’re looking to feature incoming ecosystem chapter communities across borders, markets and socioeconomic silos over time.

Where to Find Humanity@Work&Life

The new book on unions and co-operatives can be ordered at https://www.successstore.com/humanity-work-life.html.

Please consider sharing information about this new publication far and wide: with allies, networks, ecosystems, colleagues, competitors and even adversaries. We think anyone who’s interested in workplace equity and democracy should snag a copy! But we may be biased; after all, our heroes did produce the book!