UNITE HERE Gets Out the Vote for the Midterms

Worx Printing is so proud of our role in outfitting the many brave door knockers who got out the vote for the midterm elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. And they DID IT! Wow.

How Worx Printing Supported UNITE HERE

We really appreciate that we were involved in helping UNITE HERE to serve the Democratic cause. We were the union print shop that outfitted them in all this awesome custom merch: from custom T-shirts to those bright orange safety vests for extra protection. Did you know how perilous it was out there? One volunteer was shot. Another was hit by a car. Unite Here Local 23 union members posing in Georgia with branded merch for political campaign

These folks doing the ground and pound to get out the vote had plenty of personal strife go along with the job. We were proud to partner with FII in creating the merch that gave them a recognizable, branded, professionalized look as they went from door to door. 

You can read this cool article about the union’s incredible job of knocking on over 2 million doors to get out the vote. They became a true force to be reckoned with, and the victory they pulled out is something to be really proud of. Congratulations to UNITE HERE and especially Senator Warnock in Georgia!