Direct to Garment — DtG

Union Co-op Direct to Garment: DtG

Remember the ease and vibrancy of CYMK? Well, using four-color processing Direct to Garment solves all kinds of screen printing problems.

Invented in parallel with Photoshop about 15 years ago, DtG represents the future of the printing industry due to its bright, limitless colors, and peerless reproduction of design.

With DtG you no longer have to sacrifice your vision to keep your costs down. As all designs are processed on a computer, the setup time is minimal, which means a quicker turnaround; all we do is open the file and print.

From intricate logos to detailed photography, DtG can handle it all. No bleeding, or loss of clarity and infinite gradiant and shading styles, guaranteed!


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Fashion forward merchandise printing and unlimited fulfillment options. Request a sample today.

Printing Techniques

Unparalleled possibilities using the most advanced digital printing technology on the planet. From screen-printing to sparkles, we’ve got it all.

Bulk Orders

If you need big numbers fast for a meeting, a march, or your band’s album release party – and anything in between – Worx can make that happen.

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Our touchless order fulfilment eliminates the hassle and brings the hustle. All you do is dream up your design – it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3...shipped!

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Forget unsold inventory and eliminate financial risk — only print what you’ve sold. Submit your designs and we’ll make and sell your merchandise.

Union Labels

Our cooperative is proud to be the exclusive supplier of union labels for UNITE HERE  and Workers United.

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With our partner Fii Marketing, Worx has developed the most comprehensive database of USA and Union Made printed products in the country.