Custom Merch Spotted in the Wild

We were totally psyched to see Michael Moore wearing a cap we made for Starbucks Workers United on an MSNBC interview with Ari Melber on November 3, 2022. We love working with Starbucks Workers United and we’re pleased to see their custom merch picking up traction like this and getting some media spotlight. Congrats are surely due to them!

The Story Behind This Custom (USA Made, Union Made!) Baseball Cap

Web banner for Starbucks Workers United online merch store with Starbucks union workers cheering

We were so proud to print a bunch of swag for Starbucks Workers United, including the black baseball cap worn in the interview as well as a lot of other awesome custom merch. You can get your own union swag and support the Starbucks organizing effort by buying their swag directly from their online store. We set up that store for them with our partner FII Marketing.

We love that the top banner at the store says, “Made With Pride: Our merch is proudly 100% made in USA and decorated by union workers.” Worx Printing Co-op is that group of union workers they’re talking about!

About the Starbucks Workers United Union

Starbucks workers have started a worker-led unionizing effort, run by people working regularly scheduled shifts at stores across the nation. Their stated goal is “…to organize for greater justice, greater equality, and a greater vision of what life can be for Starbucks workers across the United States and for workers in the coffee and restaurant industry.” You can check out what they’re advocating for on the Starbucks Workers United website.

The logo for the Starbucks union combines the green ring on every Starbucks’ cup with a universal symbol of organized workers: a solidarity fist. Here’s a cool story about how Starbucks Workers United designed their union logo. The artist for the union’s logo was Zachary Field, who was working at a Starbucks in Buffalo, NY while he attended grad school. (Nice work, Zachary!)

Get Your Own Starbucks Workers United Cap at their On-Demand Merch Store

We hope you’ll check out the awesome official merch of the Starbucks Workers United union at the online store we helped them set up. Whatever you choose (the cap Michael Moore chose, a custom promotional t-shirt, or maybe a great quality USA Made mug with their union logo), your merch will be shipped direct to you. Pretty nifty, huh?

Worx Printing serves unions, associations, nonprofits and companies dedicated to social good across the USA, and can help them set up on-demand merch stores that serve their supporters. It’s actually an easier process than you might think!

How do Organizations Set Up On-Demand Stores?

Organizations like the Starbucks Workers United union submit their designs for the merch they want, and work with us to select the products they want branded to their organization. Worx Printing Co-op does the rest to set up the stores, and organizations get charged for printing after the sale is completed. So the custom merch sold helps organizations make a profit from day 1. They don’t have to worry about unsold inventory, which means no financial risk.

Our on-demand promotional products are printed in Worcester, MA by our worker owned union co-op and shipped to supporters within 7 days. Organizations can embed the store within any CMS website platform, so they can share a link to it with supporters. And of course Worx Printing Co-op products are Made in USA and union printed, which makes organizations look great from many angles!

If you’re curious about how to set up an on-demand store for your own organization’s merch, please email Worx Printing and we’ll get you all the info you need. Meanwhile, go grab your Starbucks Workers United hat and support their cause!