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A Journey Through the Global System of Merchandise

Ben Cohen observed the state of the global apparel industry and wanted to prove people-based, ethical production within the apparel industry was possible. The SweatX factory in L.A. was an attempt to show ethical manufacturing could work in the global apparel marketplace. While SweatX failed, at that time, it showed what was possible and what aspects of the vision made for a viable business model.

Reviving fair labor dreams launched by Ben Cohen

WorX Printing Cooperative is reviving fair labor dreams launched by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s. The dream of the “X” relaunched in 2014 with WorX using the Mondragon Worker Cooperative model in conjunction with United Steelworkers.

This video looks at the North American Free Trade Agreement and the onslaught of free trade agreements which lead to the loss of power of the American middle class. Momentum was building against NAFTA and the protest in Seattle in 1999 at the World Trade Organization (WTO) revealed a social justice movement that would embrace the SweatX business model and vision.