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As Artie T thanked the employees of Market Basket he said,“You have demonstrated to the world that it is a person’s moral obligation and social responsibility to protect the culture which provides an honorable and dignified place to work” and we couldn’t agree more. Market Basket is the 34th largest retail supermarket chain in the United States, located throughout New England, and by all accounts should serve as a new model for employee loyalty.

What we found most amazing about the Market Basket story is that employees (from management to baggers) stood up to the board. They risked their livelihoods to save the culture of the company. They stuck it out to collectively protect their fellow coworkers and family values. So why did the employees of Market Basket stand up and walk out after their CEO was fired? Because Arthur T. Demoulas took an interest in the lives of his employees, compensated them above industry standards, and more importantly made his employees feel valued.