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Have you found yourself tasked with ordering printed T-shirts for an event or function? Did you know that you that you now have another option when it comes to getting a custom printed T-shirt? WorX Printing would like to introduce you to a process known as DTG or Direct To Digital Printing The most obvious difference will be the quality of the printed image. First, I want to call your attention to the 2 images on the right hand side in the banner above.  (The image on the far right is the actual screen printed design that was printed on the commemorative T-shirt. The image to the left – the first image was the same design printed digitally.) Do you notice the differences? Let’s, take a closer look.



Screen Print vs Digital Print

To get a better understanding of the differences between digital and screen printing take a look at the two images above. The image on the top was taken of the screen printed T-shirt. Notice the lack of detail in the design. The image actually looks like an artistic rendition of the original photograph.

The image on the bottom was the same image printed digitally. Notice the attention to detail and different graduations throughout the entire grayscale. As you can clearly see the digitally printed T-shirt looks exactly like the original photograph.

With Digital Printing The Possibilities Are Endless.

DTG close up print

Digital Printing allows you to print images that were previously impossible to render. For example, the image above looks like it was stitched, but it wasn’t. This image was digitally printed and will used on the front of a ball cap. Try doing that with screen printing!

I have to admit I was most impressed with the detail in the union bug. The fact that you can clearly read it amazes me. Besides the image quality there are other benefits of digital printing. Please check out our  DTG  page for more information on the many benefits of Digital printing.

We think you will absolutely fall in love once you get your T-shirts, polo shirts & other apparel printed using this DTG Direct To Garment printing method. If you would like to learn more about digital printing or place an apparel order please  call us at (877) 776-6265 and we will be glad to help you and answer any additional questions you may have.