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It’s very exciting to have seen a full year of orders and innovations at the co-op. Orders of all sizes have passed through the Kornit DTG Printer and Eco-Tex dryer in the past twelve months.

The mission to bring back the SweatX vision – a union affiliated and worker-owned apparel factory in L.A. – has truly been realized in our small, Central Massachusetts worker cooperative. As a reinvigorated re-imagining of SweatX, WorX was worker-owned from the onset and quickly affiliated with United Steelworkers.

Dave (our King of OPS in the WorX apron, right) has especially had fun discovering how to print new products with the help of another Dave, from United Metal Fabricators in Worcester. Together they created palettes (platinums, in Kornit-speak) to print trucker hat panels, baby onesies, T-shirt sleeves, and over-the-shoulder prints. Sky’s the limit with the likes of these innovators!

The welcome of the co-op to our local communities has been warm and heartfelt. Not only has the cooperative been approached by changemakers and passionate local activists, Worcester Technical High School’s Graphic Communications Department even extended an offer to join their advisory committee. With all the connections we’ve made, we’re truly honored and excited about what the future holds!

We couldn’t have done it without the support and networking that our friends, families, and fans have provided. Thank you for helping spread the word, and we look forward to reaching more and more people and organizations as the weather warms into peak T-shirt season!