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What You Need To Know About Digitally Printed T-Shirts

WorX Printing Cooperative prints T-shirts with a process known as Direct To Garment Printing or Digital Printing which is a relatively new process of printing custom T-shirts. This method offers a few great advantages over traditional screen printing that you might want to consider before you place that order.

Full Color Printing. Unlike traditional screen printing, where you were forced to choose the number of colors you wanted printed on your shirt to stay within budget, digital printing uses a four color printing process (CMYK + white) much like your printer at home or office. You now have an unlimited number of colors to print on a T-shirt without incurring any of the typical costs associated with screen printed T-shirts. If you have ever ordered a custom printed T-shirt before you know first hand how frustrating that can be! With direct to garment printing you no longer have to sacrifice your design to keep your costs down.

Setup time. Since we process your design on a computer the setup time is minimal which, in turn, means a quicker turnaround. The best part is that since we use a digital file – all we have to do is open the file and print. It’s really just as easy as printing a document on a traditional home printer.  

Attention to detail. Digital printing allows your custom printed T-shirt to have amazing amounts of detail without worrying about bleed or clarity. From a small logo to a photograph, you will be amazed at the quality we can achieve with digital printing! These photorealistic T-shirts can include gradients and various shading styles.

Small Orders. Have you ever wanted or needed just a few printed T-shirts? Now you can print as little as a  dozen T-shirts without it costing you an arm and a leg!  Also ask us about our new service, setting up a no inventory web store.

Eco Friendly. WorX Printing Cooperative is committed to being good stewards of our planet. We only use organic, water based inks, which are non hazardous, toxin free, vegan and safe for babies. See more about our DTG inks from our technology partner here.