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What File Formats Do You Accept?

Accepted file types: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .jpeg*, .tiff

Preferred file types: .ai, .psd, .tiff

  • Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps, pdf) – Fonts should be converted to outlines or supplied separately and linked files embedded or supplied separately
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd, eps, tiff, jpg) – Images must be created or scanned at a *minimum of 150 dpi at the size images will print. 300 dpi will produce best results
  • Artwork should be a single layer on a transparent background

Digital printing on dark t-shirts or garments is not quite the same as printing on white or light ones. The direct-to-garment process is similar to screen print in that a white foundation or white under base must be printed first, allowing the design colors to be visible. Color may not look quite as bright when an under base is used, and the feeling of the printed shirt is not as soft. In the process of direct-to-garment printing there is an additional step involved with printing the under base. It’s called “the pre-treat.” Colored or dark garments require the print area to be sprayed or treated, with a non-toxic primer. This primer facilitates the bond between the white ink and the garment or material surface. Depending on the design, a pre-treat can double the amount of time it takes to produce a digital print order. Although the pre-treat solution is non-toxic, it can leave a faint residue on the shirt, and it is strongly recommended that these shirts be washed before wearing.

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